SONY DSCThe protection and improvement of the environment is of great concern to Day Nite Signs Ltd.

Dat Nite has set its standards higher than those currently present in the sign industry across Canada.  We assess all the components and elements within our products and address each component accordingly, thus dismantling and recycling wherever possible.

Plastic and Vinyl

Day Nite employs a subcontractor who removes all plastic waste on a monthly basis.  This waste receives the following treatment:

  1. Plastic waste (including vinyl) is ground, compacted and strapped – pressed into blocks.
  2. These blocks are sent to a factory recycling facility.
  3. Once at the facility, the blocks are melted through a distilling process.
  4. The distilling process produces two products:
    • Methyl Methacrylate (“MMA”), approximately 80%
    • Flammable “sludge”, 20%
  5. The Methyl Methacrylate is sold back to plastic manufacturing companies for production.
  6. Flammable sludge is used to fuel the furnace that operates the melting process.


(Energy efficient lighting systems)
Day Nite continuously educates clients as to the energy efficiency of using LED’s for illumination, instead of fluorescent tubes containing mercury.  We can now boast that illumination of signage with LED’s is now at 80%; reducing fluorescent and neon lighting use to only 20%.

Day Nite has recently re-lamped all of our facilities with T5 and T8 lamping systems. T12 lamps have a life expectancy of 12,000 hours, T5 lamps will last 55,000 hours and T8 systems achieve energy savings of up to 40%, employing higher efficient lamps and electronic ballasts than T12 light fixtures.  This drastically reduces energy consumption as well as the frequency of lamp disposal.


Prior to 1978, ballasts were commonly manufactured with PCB’s in the capacitor oil.  Ballasts should not be disassembled for disposal.  Day Nite returns all used ballasts back to its distributors for recycling.


Day Night uses a subcontractor who supplies containers for collection of all our paint waste – “Gunwash”.  This product is a mixture that includes thinners and excess paint.  This gunwash product is removed monthly to their recycling plant.

  1. It is distilled into two parts
    • Gunwash / Thinner
    • Sludge
  2. This product is then distilled again in a different machine into:
    • Gunwash / Thinner
    • Powder / Dust; this product is shipped to a cement factory for 100% usage


  1. Day Nite collects 100% of its aluminum waste and engages a subcontractor to remove all ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
  2. The aluminum is melted down.  Although there is a tolerance for impurities, paint is not considered an impurity in this process.
  3. New product is created from this recycled product.

Paper & Cardboard

Day Nite utilizes the services of a sub-contractor who collects and removes 100% of our paper and cardboard waste and delivers it to a paper/cardboard recycling facility.


Day Nite Signs is committed to actively researching ways and techniques to minimize energy consumption, introduce more environmentally friendly materials and seek new ways to recycle its waste products, not only in its manufacturing and installation processes, but also in its administrative practices as well.